Statistics Humor

This handout, affecionately called "The Wheel" has most of the key Trig formulas.

Use this graph paper to help you graph trigonometric functions.

A formula page for first and second semester calculus.

Informative document about surveys, from the American Statistical Association.

A great article about how to design questionnaires.

An very interesting article about how people answer autobiographical questions.

An article which challenges the accuracy and applicability of surveys.

How CNN conducts its surveys. (from a web page that no longer exists.)

An L.A. Times article from before the 2000 Census.


There are some interesting ones listed here!

Power series for some elementary functions.  Second semester calculus.

A table summarizing the tests for convergence and divergence of different series.  Second semester calculus.

You can use this sheet for your graphing homework.

Just for fun.